Seattle makes me…celebrate! New year, new city, new country

The Space Needle hosts fireworks to see in the New Year

The Space Needle fireworks see in the New Year

How wonderful to have seen in the new year in my new home of Seattle. Arriving here from the UK on Christmas Eve (even if my luggage didn’t make it with me) and getting my resident, rather than visitor, visa stamped felt quite a moment. I was met at the airport by my husband waving (thankfully very small) US flags – and that was it, I was here ‘properly’, free to come and go as our schedule wanted rather than working with the limitations of visa requirements. Six months ago we didn’t know we were coming – now everything was in place.

I’m sure 2014 will be filled with no end of wonderful experiences, and look forward to the joy of exploring a new city and it surrounds. The three visits I have made have enabled me to get a small sense of Seattle, but there is still so much to find out. Whilst the bloke has been here more times his visits have always been work focussed, so he actually knows even less about the place than I do.

We enter 2014 with some directions already in place, thanks to some bargain purchasing…

My very generous (now ex) workmates at Artswork in the UK included among my leaving gifts dual membership for us at Seattle Art Museum. What a great present. It ensures that exhibitions, lectures, films and many other events there will be part of our calendar.

Our New Year’s Eve journey to Lake Union saw us signing up for Learn to Sail lessons at The Center for Wooden Boats – what a fantastic place. We won’t start our lessons until 1 March (going for the latest ‘out of season’ deal that we could in the hope of milder weather), but by paying before the end of 2013 we received a lovely goodie bag – including membership of the Center for a year. To celebrate we had a delicious lunch at Chandler’s Crabhouse, with a table at the window which was rather perfect to watch the seaplanes take off and land.




Our final membership is thanks to a Groupon offer – my first purchase of such a thing. So we are Benefactors (sounds very grown up) of SIFF, the Seattle International Film Festival, with free cinema tickets, discounts and popcorn among other things. It won’t be at all hard to make the most of the membership given their fantastic year round programming, and we are excited about the Festival itself too.

So with all that in place, and a plethora of other options to explore we are looking forward to an action packed, fun filled and sometimes restful 2014. Hope you are too.

Space Needle Fireworks photo credit : Shannon Kringen 


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  1. Happy New Year indeed! Happy new life!

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