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Seattle Makes Me… fill my week

Some-one asked if I was missing working the other day. I can’t remember how I had time for a full-on professional life! I guess at some point I will want to re-engage with it, I did rather like most of it after all, but at the moment it is such a luxury to have time to get to know this city and state. Whilst life here is slowly starting to find a pattern each week still seems full of surprises and new experiences. Here is a quick overview of last week as an example:

Monday – meeting a president:

IMG_0484The 39th President of the USA, Jimmy Carter, decided to pop along to see us on Monday. He is promoting his most recent book A Call to Action, which focusses on the suffering inflicted on women, across the globe including within the USA, by men who justify their behaviour through false interpretations of religious texts. A truly contemporary and topical issue. It was disappointing that the event was limited to a book signing as it would have been wonderful to hear him talk. This was saved for media interviews, which importantly meant more people heard overall I guess. At 89 years delivering a comprehensive book tour is quite an undertaking in itself (his west coast visit being Friday San Francisco, Saturday Los Angeles, Sunday Portland, Monday Seattle) yet many commented on how well President Carter looked. Continue reading



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Seattle makes me… learn about knives


A book store JUST for cook books

Not just knives I hasten to add, but pans, measuring cups and all sorts other kitchen items too. I’m reading Consider the Fork – A History of  How We Cook and Eat by Bee Wilson. It isn’t a book I had been aware of, despite being published in 2012, but it is the selection for this month’s reading group at Book Larder. Having access to book store with a good selection of cookery books is brilliant – having access to a book store which only sells cook books – now, that is heaven. And then finding out it runs all sorts of workshops and discussions, well count me in!
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