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Seattle Makes Me… sing in the library (shhh!)

Seattle Public library - Central Branch

Seattle Public
Library – Central Branch

In fairness the singing was led by Robert McClung Community Programmes Manager for Seattle Opera and was with around another fifty people. Not that Seattle Central Library is really one of those ‘shhh’ libraries anyway. When I worked as Arts Policy Officer at North Yorkshire County Council the Libraries and Arts Department ran a great ‘No shhh-ing at this library’ campaign (it was in the days, really not so long ago, when there was money being spent on promoting libraries  – given the horrific cuts English libraries have been facing more recently, this work and its accompanying refit programme seem hard to imagine). I have had a thirst for encouraging some noise ever since…

IMG_0496Seattle Central Library is a one of those magnificent public buildings we can rejoice in. When I first visited Seattle two years ago my way to stay for a longer period was to bring some work with me. People kept telling me, that rather than using the small flat we were renting as an office space, to go to the Library. I thought this a boring option until I got there – what an inspiring place. It opened in 2004, and was primarily designed by Rem Koolhaas and Joshua Ramus of architecture firm OMA. The strongest memory of my first vist was the giggle of children enjoying a secret corridor with its shiny red and padded walls. It seemed magical to them – and to me. As well as excited people there are nearly 1.5 million books and artefacts and 400 public access computers around the place.

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