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Seattle makes me… first friday


Seattle Art Gallery exhibiting Kehinde Wiley’s Anthony of Padua painted in 2013 within their Gallery of European Art – “not a universally popular decision”

As someone brought up Catholic First Fridays have a very specific memory – walking from school to Church in the hope that, with the achievement of  9 consecutive months of devotions, the grace of final repentance would be secured and there was no fear of dying without God’s blessing. Strangely though I have no idea if I ever achieved this, it seems unlikely as with school holidays there was no way that we would make all 9 in one go – and I don’t think my Mum ever ensured that the missing Fridays were dutifully covered. However in Seattle First Fridays can be associated in a different way altogether. Seattle Art Museum (SAM) hold their monthly lecture series on that very sequence. It runs from October to June, so there is just chance to make the glory of 9 successive visits, but I am starting in January – so doomed again.
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